Dedication for Mallory Smith!


Mallory Smith lives in heaven. She’s my daughter and died in 2016 shortly after turning 30. Mallory had an

Mallory Smith
She was a Beautiful Bride!

Her dream was to travel the world with me. We did some travel together but she was never able to realize her dream to see Greece or Italy. Over 2 years, her illness progressively got worse and then, it didn’t. The curtain fell. As the end of her brave fight grew near and she began to weaken, she made me promise to continue traveling and live her dream for both of us. And, so, I do.

With each new destination, Mallory Smith goes with me in spirit and fills me with the adventure and smile that everyone who knew her loved. My goal is to continue traveling this magnificent world of ours and with this site, I hope that I can inspire you to live your dreams of travel; to inspire the adventure in your soul; to wear Mallory’s smile wherever you go! To Live Mallory’s Dream!

To Travel is to Live
Balloon Release on the 5 year Anniversary of Mallory’s Passing (Sarande, Albania)