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A VIDEO WALKING TOUR – Taormina, Sicily

In this walking tour video of Taormina, Sicily, we will walk together from the most famous square Piazza IX Aprile, with the amazing Terrace on the sea, stopping by artisanal shops, elegant hotels, and the most important Churches of Taormina, including the Cathedral. We will visit Taormina’s Ancient Theater, walking and admiring its beauty. From the Greek Theater of Taormina, we can enjoy one of my favorite panoramic views of the city, it’s just perfect!


courtesy of Italy Together • runtime 1hr 27mins

As I mentioned, over and over again, in my previous article about Taormina, Sicily is my favorite place in the world! I hope you enjoyed the walking tour video and if you haven’t yet visited, you will put it on your bucket list. If you have been, perhaps you will plan another visit……. in any event, I invite you to share your experiences and vision of this delightful Sicilian paradise!

Piazza Duomo

Until next time, friends, remember, “To Travel is To Live!”


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